Aims & Policies


  • In creating the future through Programs and learning, we intend to become an internationally distinctive learning centre, that combines sports and academic excellence, along with personal development.
  • Solidify our contribution to the economic, cultural and educational life of Lewisham, and it’s inhabitants through our position within sports development.
  • Recruit more staff and students from the international sector and create more links in this area.
  • Continue in being a well-managed, sustainable facility.




Privacy Policy

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Child Protection Policy

Ten Em Bee believes that the health, safety and well being of children and young people are paramount. Children and Young People have aright to be protected from abuse, neglect or exploitation and have their welfare and development promoted.

Ten Em Bee does so in the belief that placing a child’s welfare at the centre of its concerns providers a solid foundation for the development of young players and sports person of the future.

In support of these aims Ten Em Bee will endeavour to:

  • In all aspects of the planning and management of services, ensure that the welfare of children is given paramount consideration.
  • Promote and support good results in terms of health, development and educational achievements for students.
  • Ensure that Employment Policies and Procedures are applied to all paid staff and volunteers.
  • Provide relevant and up to date training on issues relating to the protection of children.
  • Provide regular supervision support for staff to assist in the prevention and detection of harm to children.
  • Work in partnership with the families of the children and young people we work with.
  • Provide appropriate opportunities for children to speak to adults who are independent from the organisation.
  • Ensure that all members of staff are conversant with local Area Child Protection Committee procedures and guidelines and know how to make a child protection referral.
  • Cooperate with all other agencies, which provide care and services to children. To establish an effective, well-integrated network of services to families and protect children.
  • Ten Em Bee believes that the protection of children should be non- discriminatory, children and young people are entitled to protection from neglect, abuse and exploitation.
  • Warning of harm should always be taken seriously, from whatever sources but especially children themselves.
  • Children and Young People who have been harmed, or who are suspected of being harmed, should be treated with the same care and sensitively regardless of whether the perpetrator is a parent, carer, friend or stranger.
  • All information gained in the context of Child Protection must be treated as confidential. Information must only be disclosed to those who need to know

Anti-Bullying Policy

Ten-Em-Bee aims to provide a friendly, relaxed and pleasant environment where children young people can feel safe. We believe that bullying of any kind is always unacceptable. Children should feel confident that incidents of bullying would always be taken seriously and dealt with promptly.

At Ten-Em-Bee Sports Development Centre protecting children from harm is paramount. All members of staff have an absolute duty to deal appropriately with bullying that they witness or that is reported to them.


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